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Product Catalog
Categories of our products
Represent the core business of the company DAB of Altamura. The antivibration rubber buffer are the technical items for the production of which the company has been founded and in which we strongly specialize. For this reason a wide range of product dimensions are available from the catalogue.

As an alternative to cylindrical anti-vibration buffers with white zinc-plated metal parts, DAB of Altamura’s catalog presents a variety of anti-vibration buffers with AISI 304 stainless steel metal parts and a diameter between 30 and 100 mm.
Thanks to their particular shape, DAB’s parabolic buffers are bumpers allowing a soft shock absorption, even though their characteristic curve is quickly progressive. They are also used to damp shocks and to limit both lateral and vertical movements. They are used on uneven grounds as feet for electrical generators, engine driven pumps, hood fasteners and agricultural machines, and also as end strokes of cranes and tackles

SUCON bell-shaped anti-vibration mounts are rubber/metal items designed for a wide range of application possibilities with respect to vibrational strains and loads. The metal parts are solidly vulcanised with rubber; therefore, the different parts are compact, space-saving and have multi-purpose uses. The upper metal bell, linked to the machine that has to be isolated, can be with or without thread (SUCON WITH NUT/WITHOUT NUT). The bell lower part, linked to the supporting surface of the system, extends in an OVAL-shaped or SQUARE-shaped flange. There is also a TEAR-RESISTANT version of these bases: the upper bell is prolonged in the inner part and it ends with a safety flange. This flange prevents vertical jolts whose amplitude exceeds the tolerable limits for the safety of both the anti-vibration device and the whole suspended system. The effectiveness of these tear-resistant bases is particularly shown in the suspension of diesel generator sets, ventilation systems, internal combustion engines in general, pumps, and in all those cases in which the suspended mass may jolt. The rubber is protected from oil drips and from the action of atmospheric agents, thus making the elements more durable.

The dampening of vibrations and noises generated by operating machines is an important aspect in the improvement of production and working environment quality.

Dampening products prevent operating machines from transferring vibrations to the working environment and to other sensitive equipment.

The SURMAC anti-vibration pads:

  • ensure simple and quick adjustment of the level of the machine that needs support (machine tools, presses, power hammers, shears, plastic and rubber injection moulding machines, etc.)
  • also isolates vibrations in an effective manner.

The SURMAC anti-vibration feet are structured so as to support heavy axial loads (between 350 and over 6000 kg) as well as longitudinal loads effectively.

The SURMAC anti-vibration feet have a cylindrical shape with no metal parts visible, these being completely coated with rubber.

As a consequence they can be used to substitute stainless steel supports that serve similar functions (and are usually more expensive) in several industrial sectors.

Among others, sectors include:

  • food processing
  • refrigeration
  • pharmaceutical
  • air conditioning
  • air treatment
  • maritime

The Surmac mounts are produced with a blend of high quality natural rubber. Currently in stock: 60 Shore A hardness.

DAB - Rubber Antivibration System to dampen industrial vibrations and sound

Non-cylindrical anti-vibration buffers that have been added to our production range over the years to better suit to market requirements and meet our customers’ different needs. 
In addition to its standard anti-vibration products, DAB manufactures concave anti-vibration buffers with a truncate conic shape to meet various market requirements.